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Happy 5/03, Portland! We’re excited to announce the release of our new blend, Boxcar. A toast to Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District that Water Avenue calls home. We have developed this blend to satisfy a diverse range of palates. Boxcar is a blend of Central and South American coffees, roasted...

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Colombia Las Margaritas Sudan Rume

Sudan Rume is an heirloom type of Arabica coffee plant that originates on the Boma Plateau of Southern Sudan near the border with Ethiopia. Plant breeders have long used this cultivar of Arabica when creating new varieties of coffee plant.   Hybrids using the genetics of a high yielding disease resistant...

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Fresh Coffees on the Menu

With a new year comes a new coffee menu for us at Water Avenue Coffee. While we’re going to miss the coffees leaving the menu (Colombia La Esperanza Natural and El Salvador Las Delicias Bourbon) we’re excited to welcome in two new offerings.   Guatemala Santa Isabel   Finca Santa...

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  The coffee seeds we grind, brew, and drink every day are only a small part of the coffee plant.  What we call beans are just the seed of a fruit the size of a large grape. Surrounding that inner seed is a complex piece of biology, including silver skin,...

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Mexico Oaxaca Sicobi

The SICOBI group (Sistema Comunitario para el Resguardo y Manejo de la Biodiversidad, or Community System for Protecting and Managing Biodiversity) operates in the Sierra Sur in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Founded in 2010 by biologists working with the non-governmental organization GAIA (Grupo Autónomo para la Investigación Ambiental, or the Autonomous Group...

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