Water Avenue Wholesale

When you choose to serve Water Avenue Coffee in your coffee bar, hotel, or restaurant, you are entering into a partnership with a group of enthusiastic, experienced professionals who will work hard to make sure your business grows to meet your goals. It is our privilege to serve your needs very seriously. As a small, local company, we view our partners as an extension of our own brand and a showcase for our coffees. Your success is our success, which is why Water Avenue Coffee offers its customers more than a typical vendor-customer relationship.

It starts with sourcing

Water Avenue’s commitment to quality begins with how we source our coffees. We search the global coffee market for the best green coffees available, purchasing only those that meet our high standards. Often this requires traveling to the origin, with a focus on building direct trade relationships with farmers. Thru these on-going relationships, we work side by side with coffee farmers to improve quality from tree to cup. The direct trade model cuts out intermediaries, allowing Water Avenue to send more money directly to the grower while paying lower overall prices for coffee.

We recognize the seasonal nature of coffee, and only source fresh, current crop green coffee.  Our rotating menu of single-origin coffees lets you experiment with different flavor profiles and choose those that fit your customers’ taste preferences. If you prefer to offer the consistency of a blend, Water Avenue also offers multiple delicious blends ranging from light to medium/dark roast profiles year-round.

Roasting fresh, every day

Each coffee is carefully roasted on our 1.5k, 10k and 30k Proaster coffee roasters in small batches, allowing us to closely monitor quality. To bring out the best from each coffee, we roast slowly at lower temperatures. Our style of roasting fully develops the sugars in the beans without over-roasting them. Although it takes a little more time, the difference in quality is worth it.

Freshness is critical to coffee quality, and to ensure this, we roast your coffees to order. We manage our weekly roasting schedule to ensure that your coffee is roasted the day before it is ready to leave our roastery.  We package our coffees in recyclable, compostable bags to minimize waste and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. We also have small batch COLD BREW available as concentrate or draft, both still and Nitro, and we offer wholesale Smith Teas delivered with your coffee orders.

Training and coffee education

Whether you are a long-time industry veteran or a brand-new café or restaurant owner, Water Avenue Coffee’s training opportunities meet you where your skills are.

Consistently serving great coffee can be a challenge, but our experienced trainers can help you learn the best ways to do it consistently. We have a dedicated training lab at our roastery and offer multiple monthly classes to our wholesale partners. We also offer ongoing business strategy, finance and marketing advice, and general business guidance based on our staff’s and owner's collective decades of industry experience.

To help you better understand the coffees you are serving, we also encourage our wholesale customers to travel with us to the origin. On our trips, we explore coffee farms and visit mills, to see how coffee is grown and prepared for export. We regularly cup coffees alongside the people who grew and processed them. The experiences you bring home from a trip to the origin will last a lifetime. They give you a deeper appreciation of the effort it takes to produce a great cup of coffee and generate enthusiasm for you to share with your staff and your customers.


One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your café, restaurant or hotel is choosing the right equipment. In addition to being a large investment, the equipment you buy has a huge impact on the quality of the products you make. Our experienced staff can walk you through the decision-making process as you determine what equipment best fits your specific needs and goals.

Water Avenue has relationships with many manufacturers of coffee equipment, including Nuova Simonelli, La Marzocco, Synesso, Mazzer, Bunn, Fetco, Curtis, Bodum, Hario, Toddy, and Urnex brands. Our relationships with these companies often allow us to source equipment, parts, and supplies at a wholesale rate for our customers. We also offer installation, routine maintenance, parts, and emergency service through our wholesale department—everything you need to keep your equipment running smoothly—all in one place.

Experience to spare

With a unique combination of quality coffee, a highly-experienced staff and an unsurpassed commitment to training and support, Water Avenue Coffee can be a key asset for your company’s success. Whether you run a café, restaurant or hotel, working with Water Avenue Coffee will make sure that your coffee program stands out for its quality. Contact us today at wholesale@wateravenuecoffee.com or 503-808-7083 to find out how to get started.