Happy 5/03, Portland!

We’re excited to announce the release of our new blend, Boxcar. A toast to Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District that Water Avenue calls home. We have developed this blend to satisfy a diverse range of palates. Boxcar is a blend of Central and South American coffees, roasted a bit darker than our single origins.

We believe in roasting every coffee we source to its shining roast profile, and have developed a profile to accentuate a hearty and sophisticated cup that will stand up well on its own or with cream and sugar. This coffee is there for you in the early A.M. when the train horn is just not enough to wake you up. Complex and well rounded, with notes of baker’s chocolate, walnut, sweet tobacco, and cinnamon. 

We have partnered with New Seasons Market to be our exclusive grocery collaborator and Boxcar will be available in all local New Seasons stores, as well as both retail locations and in our online store.