Santo Tomás Pachuj

As pourover, drip, or single origin espresso, we are loving this unique coffee from Private Natural Reserve and Coffee Farm Santo Tomás Pachuj. The farm is located on the slopes of Volcán Atitlán, a few kilometers from the town of San Lucas Tolimán in the territorial division of Sololá. The origins of Pachuj begin in the second half of the 19th Century. Its name “Pa” > place and “Chej” > of mist, translates to “place where the mist joins the highlands”, because it is located between the border of the highlands and the piedmont, where the forest type changes. The reserve is home to hundreds of species of animals, old growth forest, and shade grown coffee.

Santo Tomas Pachuj

Santo Tomás Pachuj has been in Andres Fahsen’s family for five generations. Since 2000, they have been certified under the Rainforest Alliance® seal, with which the farm has been given a number of awards for producing high-quality coffee in harmony with the environment and for respecting its employees, the wildlife and the surrounding communities.

Santo Tomas Pachuj farm manager

When our team cupped this coffee alongside almost 40 others during our origin trip to Guatemala last year, it stood out from all the rest. Our owner Bruce Milletto, our team, Q graders, and everyone cupping at the time knew they had found something special when they tasted it. We are so glad that we are now able to share that cup with you! This coffee is available now for purchase online, in our cafes, and local grocery stores.