Dear You Blend

Dear You Blend

Water Avenue Coffee has previously partnered with a number of local businesses to create collaborative blends, so when Jet Black Coffee Company came to us we were thrilled to work with them to create something unique to reflect their distinct style.

Jet Black’s story begins with music. Co-owner Travis Coe and his band Puppy Breath were searching for a rehearsal space, but when they stumbled upon the building at 11150 NE Weidler, they found something more. His bandmates bought the building and opened a second location for their well-known vegan grocery store Food Fight! next door, while Travis partnered with his best friend Karla Nolt to open a vegan coffee shop in the Gateway neighborhood. Don’t worry, the band got what they were looking for, too: their rehearsal space is downstairs.

Travis Coe and Karla Nolt, co-owners of Jet Black Coffee Company

It is important to Jet Black to serve not only the Gateway community, but the larger community as well, and they have frequently partnered with Food Fight! and other local businesses to help raise money for local nonprofits. With their shared emphasis on community, when it came time to look for a roaster they only considered Water Avenue.

Music is everywhere in the café. Jet Black’s name comes from one of their favorite bands, Jawbreaker, and there are subtle nods to the band throughout the cafe. It’s no coincidence that the album their blend is named for is displayed proudly next to their menu. Just another sign this collaboration was truly meant to be: Jawbreaker also happens to be one of Water Avenue co-founder Matt Milletto’s favorite bands.


Some of the walls of the café are indeed jet black, but the high vaulted wood beam ceiling, windows, art, and plants bring a life and warmth to the space. After only being open a few weeks, there is already a buzz about the place; when we asked if they had any regulars, one customer turned to us to say “we’ve been here a few times this week already!”

Still, it hasn’t been the smoothest start: in only their second week of business someone broke in and smashed the glass on their door. When the news spread about what had happened, however, people from the community hurried to the shop to show their support. “It was probably our busiest day!” says Travis.

Shortly after the Dear You Blend rolled out, word spread to members of Jawbreaker themselves, and after a little shout out from them, music lovers couldn’t wait to get their hands on some of that hot, good coffee.

Jet Black has some great plans moving into spring and summer: they’ve just expanded their hours to be open for the evening crowd, and hope to be able to serve beer and wine on their large patio when the sun is out…and just maybe sell some plants or records as well. We can’t wait to spend more time there, enjoying some good, good music and the Dear You Blend. Grab a bag now in their café, Food Fight! Grocery, or through our online store!