Colombia Asojardin

Colombia Asojardin


The Asojardin group was formed by small-scale coffee growers near the town of Mistrato, in Riseralda Department, Colombia.  When it was founded in 2011 it sought to pool the resources of the already established small independent farmers in the region, and today it represents over 100 producers.  Together the farmers have 220ha under cultivation, producing a mix of washed Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, and Typica varieties.


Asojardin was formed to help improve the quality of coffees coming from the region, educating member farmers on best practices for growing, harvesting, and processing their coffees.  They gain additional assistance from Granja La Esperanza, their exporting partners who bring the coffee to us.  Granja La Esperanza assists along all stages of production with their team of trained agronomists and technicians.


Another major focus of the group is preserving their natural environment.  The name Asojardin comes from the park in the center of Mistrato where many of the farmers got their start.  The region is home to many unique natural features, plants, and animals and part of the technical training member farmers receive is in reducing the need for chemical inputs into the earth through biodynamic farming practices.

The Water Avenue Coffee Crew at Granja La Esperanza's QC Lab

The lot we sourced through Granja La Esperanza represents some of the best coffees Riseralda has to offer.  We first purchased coffee from this group in 2015, and we’re excited to have it back on the menu.  The cup is remarkably complex with notes of milk chocolate, tamarind, and date.  The bright citrus acidity is balanced by a deep fruity sweetness that makes this an excellent cup for drip our pourover brewing.  Look for this in our cafés, our online shop, and Portland area grocery stores.