Colombia Cafe Del Bosque

This lot of coffee from Finca El Sinai in Colombia’s Risaralda Department won first place in that region’s coffee quality competition. This farm is owned by Don Miguel Angel Valencia, with the help of his son Miguel Antonio Valencia and Henry Restrepo, who is responsible for milling the farm’s coffees. While Don Miguel and Finca El Sinai are steeped in the region’s coffee growing tradition, he is also a leader of innovating within the industry, resulting in some spectacular coffees.

Finca El Sinai sits in the mountains around the town of Marseille, an area with a unique microclimate that contributes to the quality of the coffees produced there. Nearby is a forest preserve called La Nona, set up to protect and celebrate the unique ecosystem that thrives in this pocket of the Andes. The farm is home to three naturally occurring springs, which the Valencia family uses to irrigate their Caturra and Colombia varietal coffee plants, as well as provide the water for the farm’s mill.

It is at this mill where the farm’s final innovations take place. The coffees undergo an extended 24 hour fermentation period after being pulped, significantly longer than the more traditional 12 to 18 hours. After this fermentation the remaining mucilage is washed from the coffee seeds, and they are carefully laid out to dry on patios. They are regularly raked and rotated until the drying is complete, taking up to a week.

The Valencia family’s experience and innovations in growing coffee come together to produce this award winning coffee. This lot represents the very cream of the region’s crop and only a small amount is available. We are privileged to be the final step in the chain bringing this coffee from seed to the consumer. The cup has notes of spicy basil, bright orange juice and a rich wine like finish that make this an excellent option for pourover or drip.