Rwanda Nyampinga - Women's Coffee

Nyaruguru District, Southern Rwanda

Process: Washed and dried on raised beds
Varietals: Red bourbon
Elevation: 1,750 meters

The Nyampinga Women's Cooperative encompasses over 2,000 farms within the Nyraruguru district. Our importing partner with this coffee, Sustainable Harvest, has provided training in best agronomy practices and quality control. The result for these underprivileged women has been an incredible improvement in cup quality and visibility in the Rwanda coffee market. The cooperative is also part of Sustainable Harvest's Premium Sharing Rewards. Coffee growers participating in the Nyampinga Coop can accrue points by using the techniques from training to produce high quality coffee. Those points translate into necessary farm and household basics like water filtration systems and solar lamps.

The coffee is harvested either on a cooperative plot or smaller family lots, and taken to the Nyampinga Washing Station, where it is de-pulped, fermented, washed, and sun-dried. The result is a cup that is sweet like a strawberry, with notes orange-zest and melon.