Guatemala Volcan De Acatenango

Guatemala Volcan De Acatenango

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Tasting Notes: Apricot, Vanilla, Cashew

Region - Acatenango Valley, Guatemala

Process - Washed

Harvest - December to April

Elevation - 1,360 to 1,950 MASL

Varietal - Caturra and Catuai

About the Producer: 

The Asproguate Cooperative is heavily invested in development programs - members attend monthly workshops where they learn how to elaborate their own fertilizers, fungicides, and insecticides, Receive training in land usage and minimizing damage through evaluation of erosion, live barriers, and diversifying shadow usage. These trainings also emphasize a rejection of discrimination, indentured-slavery, and childhood labor.

From our importing partners at Sustainable Harvest: “Asproguate has 15 "inspectors" who are trained by a head agronomist to work with farmers in three different regions of Guatemala: Coban, San Martin, and Acatenango. The inspectors conduct training for farmers 14-16 times per year, mostly supporting their FTO certification but also supporting them to start small side businesses, using resources available on their parcelas. These inspectors also deliver fertilizers to producers and collect cherries. After Asproguate collects cherries they de-pulp them and ferment them at their own wet mills before delivering them to their partner Dinamica for dry milling and export. Each year, Asproguate holds one major assembly, where 4-5 representatives from each community come together to vote on how to use their Fair Trade premium. Roughly 260 members vote during this assembly. The rest of the year, a board of eight farmer representatives, the lead agronomist of NGO, and the leader of the NGO collectively govern Asproguate's operations.”