Ecuador Finca El Guayacán

Region: Nuevos Horizontes, Chinchipe Canton, Zamora Chinchipe Province

Tasting Notes: Melon, Honey, Butterscotch
Process: Washed
Varietals: Caturra, Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon
Elevation: 1700 M

Finca El Guayacán is located in Nuevos Horizontes, a rural community located in Southeast Ecuador, close to the border of Peru. The farm is run by the Gaona brothers, Camilo, Vicente, and Iván. The brothers relocated to the area in search of uncultivated lands suitable for farming. With the help of their families, they carry out all of the tasks of the farm, including the harvest of such high-quality coffees. Enjoy this classic Ecuadoran flavor profile beloved by coffee enthusiasts all over the world.