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Solidarity Blend

Solidarity Blend

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100% of sales from this coffee will be donated to  Taking Ownership PDX

*Water Avenue Coffee Co. is not an affiliated entity with Taking Ownership PDX. We are an independent effort donating proceeds.

Taking Ownership PDX’s mission is to build equity and generational wealth, raise property values, provide support and advocacy to maintain ownership, and improve living conditions for Black home and business owners in Portland, OR. 

Taking Ownership PDX, LLC is providing our allies, community members, and those who have played a role in the displacement of the Black community an avenue to contribute towards reparations in the form of home repairs, renovations, and advocacy for maintaining Black home and business ownership in Portland.

To donate directly to Taking Ownership PDX, please visit their donation page.

⁣At Water Avenue Coffee Co., we stand with those who are working to dismantle the social and political injustices that are faced by the black community everyday. We wouldn’t be staying true to our core values if we aren’t willing to do the work and continue to educate ourselves and our community on what we can do to help and better each other. We are thinking critically about what more we can do—as a company and as individuals—to support in this critical moment. We promise to continue to listen and use our platform as a way of supporting and standing by the BIPOC community. We hope you know this is just the beginning in our effort to continue to educate ourselves to do better each day. 

This blend contains coffee from the Limmu Kossa Estate in Ethiopia and Finca Ayutepeque in El Salvador.