Brazil Rio Brilhante Frutado

Brazil Rio Brilhante Frutado

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A fruit-forward, naturally processed single-origin from a family-operated farm in the micro-region of Pântano.

Tasting Notes: Dired cherries, caramel, almond  

Region: East Java, Pântano
Elevation: 900 - 1,150 meters
Processing: Natural
Coffee Varietal: Bourbon, Catauaí Catucaí, Topázio, Arara

Producer Information

Pântano is known for its well-defined seasons, consistent rainfall and overall favorable climate for coffee production. Inácio Urban and his family started their farm with 20 hectares of land and now produce coffee on 1,600 hectares. The coffee plants are surrounded by native Grevillea and Mahogany trees which act as a natural wind shield and add to the biodiversity of the farm. UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and 4C certified.